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We are the leaders in EHV, LV, and Fiber Optic Cabling Works in Qatar, providing you with the front door to all your telecom and electrical needs


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EHV Cabling & civil works

We specialize in the installation of EHV and HV cables ranging from 33Kv to 220Kv, both inside sub-stations and outdoor cable trenches. Our services also include cable trench excavation and backfilling, pre-cast and on-site concrete works for joint bays, as well as sandblasting.


Fibre Optic Solutions 

Our team of specialists in fiber optic cabling can provide solutions that meet short-term requirements and also allow for long-term growth. We have a proven track record of accurately analyzing network communication needs and implementing solutions quickly. Our services are available to businesses and government agencies seeking to implement a high-quality and cost-efficient communication network with built-in expansion capabilities, delivered by highly specialized industry experts.


Data Cabling

The evolution of copper cabling is continuous, keeping up with new processor speeds, software applications, and protocols. In the past, Cat5 (10/100Mbps) was considered sufficient, but even that is now obsolete. The transition from Cat5 to Cat5e and then to Cat6 has taken place. Cat5e became the preferred installation as it was capable of transmitting gigabit over the network


Fibre Optic Installation 

The predominant method for the installation of fiber optic cables involves the utilization of a rope that is rodded or blown through a duct, whereby the fiber cable is pulled into place. However, a more contemporary approach involves the use of specialized cable blowing equipment to install the fiber optic cables by blowing them into place. It is recommended to use a cable that is specifically designed for cable blowing, rather than a conventional fiber optic cable intended for pulling, when using this installation method. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that certain fiber optic cables intended for pulling can also be blown into the duct for a certain distance.

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Voice Cabling

Voice cabling, also known as Cat 3 cabling, facilitates the interconnection of cabinets and telecom distribution points within an organization's infrastructure. This type of cabling was widely used during the inception of structured cabling systems. However, with the emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), traditional voice cabling has become less prevalent. VoIP technology can now be implemented using conventional data cables, such as Cat6 and fiber links. Nonetheless, some older telephone systems rely on voice cabling to support their infrastructure requirements, making this type of cabling still prevalent in many organizations.

Our Products

Our Products

Detectable Warning Tapes

Non-Detectable Warning Tapes

PVC Cable Ties


About us

Experience the Future of Electrical and Telecom Solutions with Opticsense Trading and Contracting WLL - An Approved Contractor for Major Government Clients in Qatar.

As a cabling company based in Doha, Qatar, Opticsense is committed to delivering state-of-the-art cabling solutions and designs that meet the high demands of the multi-vendor data equipment environment. With resources and project management expertise, we provide leading-edge turnkey solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively meet our customer's needs.

At Opticsense, we are dedicated to creating win-win partnerships by providing our clients with the latest available technologies and excellent communication. We continuously improve our operations to reflect evolving customer expectations, management practices, industry knowledge, and technology. Trust us to be your reliable partner in innovation and excellence


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