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Voice cabling (sometimes referred to as Cat 3) allows cabinets and telecom distribution points to interconnect throughout your sites infrastructure. Traditionally this type of cabling was very common especially when structured cabling was introduced. These days with the introduction of VoIP, voice cabling has taken more of a back seat as VoIP can be run over traditional data cables like Cat6 and fibre links. Some older systems depend on their voice infrastructure to support their telephone systems demands and this type of cabling is common in many sites.

Voice cabling


CCTV is becoming more and more common to safe guard business assets. Theft and vandalism increases can be deterred with a good CCTV system. There are some great advantages to CCTV that were unheard of a few years ago. The majority of CCTV systems
can now be run over copper cabling e.g. Cat5e / Cat6. Cameras can be viewed and controlled by Mobile Phones and you can even watch your business premises on your laptop.

Communications Cabinets

When a network starts to get above a certain size, it is wise to house the passive and active cabling and equipment in lockable communication cabinets. can supply and install every
type of cabinet from small wall mount enclosures to full height server cabinets. We can also advise, provide and install all accompanying equipment for the cabinets e.g. power strips, fan units, cable management and plinths. Some hard to reach places may need a cabinet flat packed and then built on-site - again we can provide this service to you.

Hubs, switches & routers

Hubs, Switches and Routers are the Active Equipment that allows your data traffic to be sent around the network. Switches are more common these days as the prices are very low in comparison to the many added benefits achieved over hubs. Switch ports can support
10/100 or 1000 Mbps speeds to suit your bandwidth requirements. Gigabit Switch ports are becoming more and more cost effective as the technologies evolve. For more information on the many ranges of Active Equipment choices, please call to discuss your requirements.

Overhead Line Materials

  • OPGW and OPGW accessories

  • Isolator

  • Disc Insulator

  • Surge Arrestor

  • Cable Cleats

  • Electric poles

Structured Cabling

  • UTp,STp,FTPCat cables

  • Data&Network Cabinet

  • MC,HC,ICCabling accessories for Data/Voice

  • Metal cable trays,Trunking & Cable Management

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