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CCTV Service

Copper cabling is always evolving to keep up with new processor speeds, software applications and protocols. Cat5 (10/100Mbps) was always deemed to be sufficient a few
years back but even that is now obsolete. We have seen the change from Cat5 to Cat5e and then to Cat6. Cat5e again was the installation of choice as it could send gigabit over the


But recently around 80% of new installs are in Cat6 as this allows for the maximum
life span and return on investment. Also due to how Cat6 is manufactured it allows for less
repeat transmissions and network down time. New developments in cabling now allow for
Cat6a and even Cat7 cables.


These are not too common at present but as history hasshown, these cabling systems will be the preferred choice in the not so near future. Most of
our services offering are purely installing copper cabling systems.

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